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Zack Medinas

Capt Zack Bay Area Fishing Guide
Here we offer insight as to who we are and how we differ in our customer service, fishing ability, sustainable fishing practices and our respect for the resource. 


I am a native son of the San Francisco Bay Area. My early years consisted of organized sports and taking advantage of every fishing opportunity available. Whether by boat, pier, shore, fresh, or salt, fishing has always been my obsession. I joined the work force at a very young age and worked in hospice/rehabilitative care. Hospice work has proven to be the most emotionally difficult, yet rewarding experience of my life. During this time, I raised 3 children to adulthood. On my days off, I sport fished and worked as a deckhand on charter boats. After working nearly 25 years in the medical field, I am now retired and work as a full time captain on the Gatecrasher. 

Understanding the habits and habitat of quarry is a highly sophisticated process. I love to fish for all local species and I am especially passionate about the conservation of White Sturgeon. I have served as a sport fishing consultant for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, UC Davis, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

We believe in the tradition of harvesting sustainable fish such as Salmon, Rock Cod, Halibut, and Striped Bass. However, at this time we have voluntarily made the decision to be proactive and fish exclusively catch & release for the largest and oldest anadromous fish in North America aka our native White Sturgeon. 

Though I've enjoyed fishing competitively in derbies, I now enjoy bringing people together by creating fishing moments that evoke child like joy. We provide an experience conducive to maintaining and strengthening family ties, business partnerships, and corporate team building.

We look forward to sharing with you our very unique eco system and all the beauty the San Francisco Bay/Delta/Ocean has to offer.
- Capt. Zack

San Francisco Bay White Sturgeon
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Northern Californis Bay Area Sturgeon Charter
Below you may listen to an excerpt from the Bob Simms KFBK Outdoor show reporting our boat's performance in a catch & release (C&R) fishing tournament reported by legendary Angler Captain Barry Canevaro.
(Click on the Bob Simms broadcast below)
In 2016, my teammate and I caught over 50 sturgeon and earned 1st place in a tournament dubbed the "Sturgeon Slayers Derby" on the California Delta. This was a back to back win for our team.
"Although over the years I've enjoyed competing in fishing derbies, I am now focused solely on creating life highlights like the one pictured below."
Delta White Sturgeon Charter
1st Place Flash C&R Sturgeon Derby 2009
Bay Area Sturgeon Charter
6th Place Flash C&R Sturgeon Derby 2016
Best Bay Area Sturgeon Captain
2nd Place Flash C&R Sturgeon Derby 2012
Delta California White Sturgeon Charter
6th Place Flash C&R Sturgeon Derby 2017
Flash Sportfishing

Guest Speaker Captain Zack Medinas:

"After I spoke, Zack put on his presentation. He is a fishing guide who specializes in Delta sturgeon fishing. I have met Zack before and listened to his seminar. He is a vast pool of knowledge and I am not sure how many sturgeon he has caught but he has an answer for any question you might come up with. He has made some great videos of his adventures that you can find on social media, just search his name.

He is not condescending and is really low key but when you listen to him for a few minutes you really know that he is an expert on his subject. Zack knows a lot about fishing for other species too and he has owned several boats so has some positive information on good boats for the Bay and Delta."


-Bill Wells

Executive Director: California Delta Chambers & Visitor's Bureau

Best Northern California Charter Captian

Zack Medinas with his all female crew. 

Western Outdoor News Sturgeon
Virginia Salvador Fishing
Best San Francisco Bay Sturgeon Charter
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