San Francisco Deep Sea Fishing Charter
San Francisco Bay Charter Boats
  • Standard Features:

  • Named for the Farallon Islands off of the coast of San Francisco where the seas can go from calm to nasty in minutes. These seaworthy boats earned their reputation by being more than a fair-weather partner. Great performers in rough sea, Farallon boats are strong and durable, making them the most reliable off-shore boat on the water.

  •    Farallon will deliver, whatever your expectations of a sport fishing boat - safety, sea-worthiness and great fishability. It is a hardcore fishing boat that will cut through any waters. With a Farallon, you keep fishing when others head for port. From its pilothouse, it is complete with roomy inside working area, the enclosure that keeps you warm and dry, to a cockpit that's built for rugged sportfishing.

  •    It is the Farallon's hull that makes it, by far, the strongest boat on the market and the only boat you'll need for decades. Superior to every other hull, the single piece fiberglass design is hand-laid, where each layup is given many hours to cure, providing the boat with life-long durability and strength. The hull design is brilliantly engineered, and is responsible for the boat's superior ride at high speeds. Because the boat is virtually one piece, the hull is bonded together with the deck, bulkheads, shelves and cabinets, giving it incredible structural strength. This no-nonsense construction results in straight tracking at trolling speeds, minimum drag and maximum efficiency, as well as expert handling in any seas.


  • Amenitites:

  • Deep vee hull designed for stability in all weather conditions

  • Scotty electric downriggers

  • Live bait tank

  • Furuno fish finder, radar and GPS navigation system

  • Fully enclosed and heated cabin with lounge seating

  • Sleeping area

  • Onboard Grill and microwave.

  • Comfortable fishing deck.

  • Full, private restroom

  • Fishing Gear: All fishing gear is included. 

  • Terminal Gear: We use top quality hooks and terminal tackle all rigged by the GATECRASHER crew.

  • We pride ourselves on offering the absolute best guided fishing experience in the San Francisco Bay Area.