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Capt Zack & Capt Virginia are both obsessed by the sweet science of angling. Their impressive catches are rivaled only by the immense respect for nature, conservation and sustainable fishing practices.

* US Coast Guard 100 Ton Masters license, bonded and fully insured to fish in California waters.

* California Department of Fish & Wildlife certified to electronically tag, collect tissue samples and submit data while serving in partnership with CDFW fisheries management. 

* Our fishing adventures create life long memories that build strong bonds between families, friends, and clients. A great outing that facilitates corporate team building, business relationships, or Parents who wish to teach their children how to become environmental stewards



   Join the GATECRASHER team for an epic fishing adventure in iconic San Francisco, California.

The GATECRASHER Commitment:

We pride ourselves on service and providing results that will keep you returning season after season.

There is something magical about catching an 8 ft tail walking Jurassic giant that is capable of thriving in our salt water bays, delta, and fresh water rivers. Witnessing these magnificent prehistoric creatures in their natural habitat with their aerial acrobatic jumps is a mind blowing experience. White sturgeon are dated back to 200 millions years and are native to the San Francisco Bay/Delta system. A living dinosaur capable of testing the grit of anglers who travel here from all over the world to catch the largest anadromous fish in North America.


JOIN US NOW Season: Oct 1st - May 31st 

To view Gatecrasher Fishing & CDFW conducting trammel net surveys along with sport fishing for White Sturgeon.
please click the episode link.
In addition to providing many Californian's with drinking water, and irrigation for agriculture the delta is a truly spiritual place that serves as the nursery to an abundance of wildlife. Come fish with us in our wetlands and experience a National Geographic outdoor adventure. Foraging just a stones throw away from the boat, river otters can be found paired up in play, along with migratory birds, waterfowl, coyotes, beavers, and rummaging raccoons. 

Season: July 1st - Oct 31st  
Outside our Golden Gate Bridge, awaits a world class fishery for King Salmon, Halibut, Rock Cod, Ling Cod and White Sea Bass! 

Our vast fishery is accompanied by breathtaking views along the gorgeous California Coast. A plethora of marine mammals and birds can be seen diving into massive schools of anchovies boiling on the surface of the Pacific Ocean. As an added bonus, we often experience a variety of whales breaching daily. 

Season: April 1st - Oct 31st
Thriving in the San Francisco Bay, we have healthy populations of striped bass, halibut and shark.

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to 11 species of sharks, which can grow to approximately 10 feet long. Whether we are drifting live anchovies for halibut, striped bass, or sitting on anchor fishing for sharks, it's all happening with the notorious Alcatraz and the City of San Francisco as our backdrop. 

San Francisco Bay Fishing Charter
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